Interested in making us your hosting solution?

That’s probably a great idea. Let’s go over what we do, why we do it and why your clients will be happy here.

We Provide 365 day a year tech support for anything WordPress. Whether it’s an issue with the hosting setup (unlikely) or a problem with a WordPress plugin, we are ready to jump in and help out. So when your client updates a plugin and crashes their site, or there is a compatibility issue, we will take the time to fix it ourselves for them, quickly.


1. Remarkable Tech Support

Any WordPress issues, any day of the year. You will like this.


2. Automated Upkeep

We take care of all plugin updates for you.

When we detect that a plugin needs an update, we do a full backup, then update the plugin and scan for any site issues. If we notice a problem, we revert to the pre-update version and let you know. 

We are constantly doing Malware scans of sites to see if anything sneaks in. We require (and can help set up) 2 factor auth for logins and use a WAP to monitor all traffic moving both ways on the site. Our Pro Security plugin can also be configured with any needed custom settings for 1-click installation to new sites.


3. Serious Security

Malware scans, 2 Factor Auth and a Web Application Firewall


4. Virtual Private Servers

The Benefits of Dedicated hosting without the cost.

Our Virtual Private Servers are built on Cloudflare tech. We have it set up so that each site is treated as being isolated and will not be impacted by other sites as is common in a shared environment. Each website is also set up so that if there is a high traffic period, more resources will be automated allocated at no extra cost while you assess evolving client needs.

Our system automatically runs a backup every night, ensuring you never miss a beat. We keep backups for 30 days, and you can request a downloadable file at any time to keep it permanently. Data is stored on AWS and it’s fully automated.


5. Free SSL and Daily automated backups

Everyone gets a free SSL and daily backups on AWS


6. Access to our library of pro plugins

We have a set of plugins designed to make WordPress easier, faster and more secure.

Pro Seo allows for templated settings and ongoing analysis of site SEO with options to improve just about everything.

Pro Secure is where 2 factor auth is set up and has options for everything from login monitoring php restriction. 

Pro Speed measures site load and breaks down the whole process. This plugin has a bunch of options to help dial right in on site performance.

Pro Media is a configurable plugin designed to automatically (or manually) shrink media size to optimize for performance.


We can White Label anything!

From reports to 


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